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Dec 14, 27, 28, 2011              Jan 4, 11, 18, 2012

WPRA & BBR $500 added

4D Barrel Race
(1/2 sec splits)

Entries Open: 5:00     Close: 6:00     
Exhibitions: $5   or 3 for $10

Open starts 6:30 sharp

Entry fee: $25       Arena fee: $5

Devers Arena
(located 3 mi N of Perryton, Tx on hwy 83)
(806) 664-6615 cell    (806) 435-6441 office


Nov 29, 2009 Winners
Cody Ware, Sid & Toben Merrill

November 22, 2009 Teamroping Winners
Sid Merrill, Marty Nicholson, Cody Ware, Tyler Lauridson, Dale Ferguson & Cody Devers presenting checks

Results July 18, 2009

1. Steven Gaillard X Sid Merrill
2. Nick Ramey X Rob Tag
3.Colby Davis X Greg Ninemire



1ST. Donnie Blackburn X Andrew Cowan
2ND. Donnie Blackburn X Ryan LaFever
3RD. Justin Lane X Andrew Cowan
























































































































































     YOUTH & UP     
Perryton, Tx
MAY 3, 2008

Pre Entry deadline: April 28th Monday                               Mail entries:      Devers Arena
Late entry Books: 9:00 am & until each class starts                                      14770 Hwy 83
                                                                                                                     Perryton, Tx 79070

Stick Horse events start:
9:30 am                                         Fax entries to:   (806) 434-6441
                                                                                            Phone entries:
  (806) 435-6441
Entry fees:
$10 per speed event                                            Email entries:
                 $15 goat tying
                 $20 Breakaway & chutedogging   
Late entries:
Taken day of rodeo with $10 per contestant late charge


1st Place trophies in each event

All-Around Awards for

Contestants must enter 4 out of 5 events to be eligible for All-Around awards
Contestants may enter events above their age group but they must designate which age group for All-Around points to count.

Good ground                  Indoor arena        No bathroom facilities available    No stallions allowed
SPONSORS: Devers Performance Horses                __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Entry blank

Name of contestant:___________________________    Age as of 5/3/06:_______

Address:_________________________  City/State:_______________________Phone:____________________________

(Boys & Girls combined in 5 & under, 6-8, 16 & over)                                          
 5 & under:                                         6-8                                     16 & over
Stick horse barrels             $10___              Barrels          $10___                     Barrels            $10___
Stick horse poles                $10___              Poles             $10___                      Poles               $10___
Stick horse flags                 $10___              Flags             $10___                      Flags               $10___
Stick horse goat ribbons     $10___             Goat tying     $15___                      Goat tying       $15___
Horseback Barrels             $10___       Straight barrels    $10___                     Breakaway      $20___

Boys                                Boys                                      Girls                                Girls
9-12                                  13-15                                     9-12                                13-15
Barrels        $10___                Barrels             $10___                     Barrels     $10___                  Barrels      $10___
Poles            $10___               Poles                 $10___                      Poles        $10___                    Poles       $10___
Flags            $10___               Chute dogging  $20___                      Flags        $10___                  Flags         $10___
Goat tying    $15___               Goat tying        $15___                Goat tying     $15___                Goat tying  $15___
Brky roping  $20___               Breakaway      $20___         Breakaway roping$20___                Breakaway $20___

                                                                                                                    Late fee after 4/28- $10:______________

                                                                                                                    Total amount of fees:_________________ ck/ cash/ credit card

I, ________________________________the parent of,_______________________________________do consent
and take full responsibility for any injury or loss of property at this event to myself or the contestant listed above,
and do not hold Devers Arena or any party involved as liable.

signed:___________________________________________________________parent/guardian.   Date:___________

Mail entries to: DEVERS ARENA                  Call: Sabrina Devers (806) 435-6441
                         14770 Hwy 83                        Location: 3 miles north of Perryton on Hwy 83 eastside
                         Perryton, Tx 79070

Fax entries accepted: (806) 434-6441   Must have entries paid in full by May 3, 2008 9:00 am to avoid late charge



No dress code
Two or more contestants may use the same horse in the same event.
Contestants may compete in two age groups, moving up to also compete in the the next age group but can only count points for the All-Around in one age group designated prior to start of rodeo.

Stick horse events: Contestant may use any type of stick horse to ride.
Stick Horse barrels: 3 barrels set in miniature size pattern. Contestant must complete a right or left handed pattern.
Stick Horse poles: 3 poles are used. Contestant rides straight to farthest pole to begin weaving pattern, zig zag through and back, last pole ride straight home.
                             Same pattern as a 6 pole style, only with 3 poles.
Stick Horse flags: Contestant rides and circles bucket, snatches flag and returns home. Rider must complete a U turn either right or left around bucket.
Stick Horse goat ribbons: Goat is held on stake with ribbon on tail. Contestant runs to got, snatches ribbon and runs back across starting line.
Horseback barrels: 3 barrel pattern, right or left hand start. 5 sec penalty for knocked over barrel. Leadline riders will be placed behind solo riders.
Barrel race/Polebending: 5 sec penalty for knocked over barrel or pole. Forward motion in a correct pattern for a qualified time. Any deviation is no time.
Flags: Single flag pattern with a complete U turn around barrel. Knocking over bucket is 5second penalty. Knocking over barrel is a 5 sec penalty.
         Whipping of horse with flag is disqualification. Missing a flag but circling to retrieve is acceptable as long as there is a complete U turn done.
         Not having a flag in hand when crossing the finish line is no time.
Goat tying: Any 3 legs must remain tied for 6 seconds after time is called. The horse making contact with the goat or goat rope is no time.
Straight Away Barrels: 3 barrels in a row, with the weave pattern starting with the closest barrel to the starting line. Right or Left pattern accepted.
        Knocked over barrel is a no time.
Breakaway roping: Calf must look through loop but may settle on any part of the calf. Flag must be attached at horn and be pulled loose by calf.
         Two loops may be carried but back gate will be open and time is over when calf reaches end gate or 30 second time limit, whichever comes first.
Chute dogging: Time starts when steer's head breaks barrier line. Line is 10 feet outside chute. Having hands on steer's head before 10' score line  is a 10 second       penalty. Steer must be thrown by hand with all legs cleared.    







Devers Performance Horses
14770 Hwy 83
Perryton, Tx 79070

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